Is it possible to do the msn educator program in one term 6 months? In a way that's 2 quarters, so it would be 15 units per quarter. If the student is able to handle all the load, is it possible to do in terms of prerequisites of the msn classes-- are some classes REQUIRED to be taken before taking the next class? Mom of Diskids. Has 12 years experience.

RN to BSN in 3 Months: WGU in Less than One Term

Apr 25, You do progress at your own pace, however your Capstone project, which is a culmination of everything you have learned, takes approximately 6 months to complete. Also, most of the courses have multiple assignments, such as 5 essays. I guess anything is possible, but it doesn't seem realistic. Has 40 years experience. This is a lengthy process. Also, the capstone itself requires multiple revisions, each one taking approximately one week in the grading system.

Between these issues and the other demanding coursework, it would not be possible to complete this degree in one term. Best of luck to you. Aug 6, Aug 10, I just started the program MSN-Edu and my official goal is 18 months, but I'm hoping to finish in 12!

wgu bsn to msn in 6 months

I don't think personally that I could finish in 6 months. Mary, if you have any tips for us, that would be great, since you're almost done. I finished in 11 months, 5 days not that I was counting! Obviously, do NOT ask me to 'share' my completed work with you I have had many requests for this - and I am not interesting in violating the Academic Honesty policy. Has 1 years experience.

Aug 14, You have to know your Capstone idea in advance, and be ready to hit the ground running from the first day. Has 10 years experience. Aug 22, I agree. It is possible, but not necessarily probably.

I hope to complete my MSN in one term, but am budgeting for 3 because you never know. Has 4 years experience.

Western Governors University Reviews - Master's in Nursing

Aug 23, Has 14 years experience. Aug 24, Are you considering Western Governors University for your nursing degree? You can read more about my journey here. Learn to be flexible. Things change frequently with WGU- courses, course requirements, etc.

Just be prepared for it. Focus on ONE course at a time. Try to be patient and if any changes adversely affect your progress be sure to speak up for yourself, typically you are able to argue your right to continue just as you enrolled without the changes if you choose. You take these via a testing center or via a web cam in the comfort of your own home where you are actually proctored by real people. A little weird to get used to but once you work out the occasional kinks of the web cam this is great.

Highly convenient. These in my opinion are horrid. I tried to decipher each course when I started to see which I thought may be the best to take first, come up with my own schedule of completion, etc.

No need to make waves if this was a good way of completing what I needed to do. Course numbers will change but typically the course names do not, so learn both. This order was fine to get me into the groove of things. My Personal Course Timeline: I ended up taking each OA with about 2 days of prep time ending with the 3rd day testing.

The 3rd day I spent the morning reviewing and cramming again and the afternoon taking the exam. For each OA my usual method of approach included skimming the Course of Study to find relevant points. Outside of good documents like practice exams and notes that you can find in the course community you can see questions and answers from the mentors to other students which usually end up being your own questions. Browsing over these things in the community will give you a good vibe on how the OA is going to go.

That said it is somewhat helpful if you can navigate around to find important documents and frequently asked questions. I devoted one week to each PA, some went a little bit quicker, others a little longer but overall this was a good yard stick. I spent the first day pulling up the rubric and task instructions and outlining my paper.

Then I would browse around the course of study to see where I could pull info for the paper that would meet the rubric requirements.See all reviews. Learn More. All Reviews Reviews in Reviews. Learn More Write a Review. No Reviews - Be the First! Review Reviews.


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My Secret to Completing 1 Course a Week (WGU) - College Chronicles

Schools that compensate us advertise via school search results. This does not influence our college rankings or our content. Find an Online Degree: Select a Program. Select a Level. Degree: Nursing Graduation Year: There were alot of papers with weekly calls from my mentor. The fact that you can work at your own pace is a PLUS!

Under 10, for my degree and possibly could have completed in one semester. The semesters are 6 months long. This program teaches you to not procrastinate. The heavy research of the papers prepared me alot! If I had to do it all over again WGU is at the top of the list! Cons competency based. So there is no letter grades.

Pros there are alot of colleges that accepts WGU classes. I had no problem with my classes transferring. No regrets! The classes are online and organized well. The classes are rigorous and require a lot of work. The program is self-paced, so you are able to graduate sooner if you can finish the classes faster.

The standard MSN program takes two years. She completed the course in six months and loved it. She persuaded me to finish my masters in nursing education. I have only a couple of classes left to complete and wonder what I am doing. None of the classes have provided me with the information on how to teach nursing students.

I am given theory but no examples of practical application. I have written papers and more papers that have taken a great deal of time and effort. I have read every word of every chapter or article that has been assigned. I was committed to learning and this education.I'm Traci.

I'm a Registered Nurse who loves quilting, knitting, cross stitch, and the great outdoors. In my pre-scrubs life, I owned Real Photography, and you can still see my old wedding and portrait photography site here.

It's pretty much the coolest thing on this site. Thanks, Google! I try to always reply! That sounds crazy, but I looked it up and I took my very first pre-req in the summer of When I proposed going back to school to become a nurse to Nic, I proposed a slow and steady plan that would have me not even starting nursing school proper until Ellie was in kindergarten.

Started slow and steady, ended fast and furious! This latest program was by far the easiest and least painful part of my nursing school experience. I started the RN to BSN program on the 1 st of Decemberand my last assignment was graded and I was officially done with the program on February 23 rd For those counting, that means I completed the program in less than three months! I took two weeks off at Christmas and another week off when a family member was hospitalized. Which means this really took just two months!

And even better, I got my BSN without a single group project or forum post! Compared to the emotionally draining and logistically exhausting Associates Degree, this was particularly delightful. The answer was a big fat no. My plan was to start immediately after graduation and finish in one term, putting my BSN graduation in December which would have been my graduating date from the dual enrollment program. After starting in my new RN position, though, I found being a new nurse to be more emotionally taxing than I had expected, and decided to delay my start at WGU for a few months.

My date was set because of some tuition reimbursement details, and I started the program on December 1 st. December would not be my first choice of a starting month due to the holidays, but there were some tuition reimbursement details that made December an important start date. Thanks for the flexibility of the program I was able to take the second half of December off for travel and holiday festivities without any problem.

With my first degree BA in English and the coursework I had taken when I planned to go to an accelerated BSN program before learning that Associates Degrees are an option for becoming a nurse, I had enough transfer credits to only need 33 credits at WGU.

One of the best parts of WGU is that it is self-paced. If you want to take two weeks off for Christmas, you can. If you want to knock out three classes in two days, you can do that, too. When a family emergency requiredus to travel out of town, I told my mom how grateful I was to be enrolled at WGU. I could take the week off unexpectedly and unceremoniously. This alone is priceless and a great reason to consider WGU! With all of the good, though, comes some frustrations and confusion.

Here are a couple of things I found confusing early on that I would have loved to have a guide for:. The worst part of WGU is the inconsistency.The key difference in their education is you end up paying for time rather than the number of credits you need. So if you complete one unit or twenty during that six months, you will pay the same tuition rate.

We try to keep figures and costs as up to date as possible but as with any RN to BSN program, be sure to check with the admissions staff at WGU as their costs and credit requirements among other items may have changed since the publication of this review.

In case you missed it, this means that it is possible to complete your BSN at Western Governors University in as little as 6 months! As mentioned, the other unique feature of WGU is they do not offer credits, but offer Competency Units. This means that when you apply all prior education and experience will be translated into their Competency Units.

Their website states that the average RN applying to the program will transfer 50 units out of the total units needed for graduation. This idea of competencies means that during the program you will not take classes and earn grades, but will meet competency requirements to show that you understand the material. This most often will mean taking a test or writing an APA paper. If you are considering a graduate degree, please keep this in mind.

According to their website, the average time to completion is 18 months. However, if you are enrolled in the BSN completion program, then there is a 90 hour clinical requirement that can be completed in a community health setting.

Some programs are expensive, some take forever, some have clinicals. Assuming you are a Registered Nurse with all of the required college courses necessary to become a Registered Nurse, then you should have no trouble transferring credits to WGU and getting started on your BSN.

Instead of paying for each class and credit hour that you take, you pay for each 6 month semester that you take. During this six months, you can complete as many classes as you possibly can. According to WGU, most nurses are able to complete the program in about 18 months. Some take longer and some take less, but 18 months is the average. If you need to go part time, no problem. Are you a speed demon looking to get done as quickly as possible, then you might be done in 12 months?

Maybe 6 months? Each semester costs the same amount. As mentioned you can take as many classes as you want during the six month semester and pay the same price.

Be aware, that this price does not include books. This means that if you are already a busy hardworking RN, then you do not need to take additional time of unpaid work at a clinical site.

No redundant work requirements! It is a financially affordable reality. It has a unique program structure that allows for part-time flexibility, or a fast-paced get-done-quickly approach.Nursing is an exciting field with a variety of degrees that can lead to new and exciting career opportunities!

This is a list of 15 accelerated MSN programs that can be completed in 16 months or less. Each school and program is unique, and different specialties are available. The flexibility of online courses and the impressive time frames make these programs unique and attractive for nurses who want to make a career change! Keep reading to find a program and school that meets your needs and time frame. The pool of schools used for this article was developed from the College Navigator website.

Ranking was based on time frame for program completion, accreditation, online courses and tuition. The tuition costs posted here are from the College Navigator website and are for comparative purposes—please discuss with your program of interest the tuition costs you should anticipate.

wgu bsn to msn in 6 months

Both concentrations are 36 credits and offered in an online format. Becoming a nurse educator combines the admirable positions of a nurse and teacher. The nursing leadership and administration concentration helps students prepare for leadership roles in nursing and gain healthcare business knowledge.

Nursing educators can pursue positions in the academic and clinical setting. The fast online MSN degree with an education emphasis can help you be eligible for those positions in just 16 months.

Find out more about the affordable academic opportunities and admissions requirements on the Charleston Southern University website!

Independence University offers a fast online MSN program. Independence University is proudly accredited by CCNE and understands the value and impact a graduate degree in nursing can have.

The Nursing Administration degree can lead to roles as an educator, nurse supervisor and management. Professionals who have earned the Nursing Education degree can pursue teaching opportunities in clinical and academic settings. Earning your graduate degree in nursing at Independence University is convenient, flexible, focused on employment, and can lead new career opportunities!

Mercy College offers two month graduate nursing programs. The fast online MSN programs at Mercy college have several objectives, including a commitment to lifelong learning, preparation for doctoral study, connecting evidence into nursing practice, communicating the information, and more.

wgu bsn to msn in 6 months

Both of these 15 month programs start in the fall. Prospective students interested in these exciting, affordable and flexible academic opportunities can learn more on the Mercy College website. The Health Systems Leadership concentration supports students as they gain knowledge and skills to become an influential leader in the healthcare field.

Students enrolled in the Nurse Education concentration prepare for future roles in the academic or clinical settings. Education is a foundation for the future, and you can develop a strong foundation at ECPI University for your future nursing positions. The program track in Nursing Administration and Health Policy is in an online format and can be completed in just 15 months.

Students will gain education in a variety of topics: conflict management, ethical decision making, communication, and many more. Do you have an interest in leadership or administration? Students can apply to the program three times a year: fall, spring, or summer, and courses are in eight-week sessions. While the program is flexible, allowing for part time or full time enrollment, students who enroll full time can complete the program in just 12 months.

Find out more about the online graduate nursing programs at Capella University. Capella University offers an exciting accelerated online MSN program. With the unique FlexPath option at Capella University, students can earn their degree in just 12 months. This accredited and respected online program can help you meet your academic and career goals.

Earn a graduate nursing degree online at the University of Toledo.Oh you know just keeping on with the glutton for punishment theme. A little synopsis. I researched every school known to man prior to jumping into my BSN after being burned by Excelsior.

I am a professional procrastinator of course. Western Governors University ended up being my top choice for a few reasons.

Work at your OWN pace. It really is, I can attest to that now. More bang for your buck I guess should you choose to take advantage of it. I spent the first 3 months of my 6 month term laying my Dad to rest doing zero work for obvious reasons. I spent the last 3 months actually completing the work. The BSN just took dedication and determination. It was more drudgery than difficulty. The short answer is yes. All of my prior credit transferred in with no problems.

You receive a block of credit for your RN license and they evaluate each additional course from there. Even if you end up with an additional class or few remember they are not extra costs, they are built into your term, typically you fly through these classes in a couple weeks each.

I had 3 different versions and none of them were good so I had to retake it too. I had it but it was past 5 years and I flipped out about stats. I thought it was going to be HELL. Their version of statistics is how the information applies to nursing concepts and nursing management.

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