Log in or Sign up. Evinrude Intruder Feb 4, 1. I've been kind of "boat shopping" the last month or so. I've found some really nice used boats in my price range but many of them have the Evinrude Intruder on them.

I'm not an Evinrude fan BUT, those were all smaller motors biggest being the 30 on the pontoon boat at my Dads. Is this a decent motor? I'd rather have a Merc or Yammy but having a max price range I may have to look outside my comfort zone as it were.

Feb 4, 2. Messages: Likes Received: 0. What year of this motor are you looking at? Mid to late 90's I would guess?

My Johnson OMC is a '99 and a carborated motor. I did a lot of research on it before and after I bought it and it got good reviews and has been a great motor. Feb 5, 3. Messages: Likes Received: 0 Location: Hesperia. Hey Waterfoul. I have a hp Evinrude Intruder and love it! I have never had any issues with it other than putting a water pump in it last summer due to my own stupidity.

I've owned my boat now for four years and it has performed flawlessly. Based on my experience with the Intruder motors, I would recommend one to anybody.

Feb 5, 4. There you go, Mikey! As Robert would say Feb 5, 5. Feb 5, 6. Feb 5, 7. Messages: 2, Likes Received: 2 Location: central Mi. I feell your pain! OUCH, I looked and looked untill I found what I thought was a deal with the motor I thought i wanted, I dont really think the longevity of a given outboad has as much to do with the motor as how its cared for!

ZERO compression on that cylinder now! So my advice is Feb 5, 8. Messages: 4, Likes Received: 0 Location: Uranus. Think his is just the carburated version.This company is not yet accredited. See reviews below to learn more or submit your own review. Thank you, you have successfully subscribed to our newsletter! Enjoy reading our tips and recommendations. A link has directed you to this review. Its location on this page may change next time you visit. I will never purchase an Evinrude motor ever again.

My 25HP Evinrude Etech has died on the water twice now. Overheats and I haven't even put hours on it. Do yourself a favor and avoid an Evinrude. I know this is a long review I just wanted to give anybody who was thinking about the purchase of a 30 hp E-Tec motor my experience before they make a big decision they might regret. So please read both of these concerns and note this all happened within 5 to 6 hours of operation. The route cause of the first event No Start has never been found and the second event was an overheat, again the route cause has never been found.

E-Tec 30 hp concerns. No Start 1st Camping trip with Brand new Motor. August 4th at around noon took our boat out for a long trip on Georgain Bay. Idled boat into a bay put motor in neutral and turned off the motor. I then tilted the motor and pulled the boat ashore.

1998 Evinrude 115 SPL

I checked fuel prime, throttle location, neutral position. I took the cover off and found that all four lights would come on as I pulled the cord. Tried removing kill cord and reinstalling it. I was lucky we had another boat on the run and they towed us back 2 hours to port Family in boat.

Once back at port left the boat alone for a couple of hours in the tilted down position I pulled again.Is there anyway to clean the carburetors with out removing them from the engine?

The carburetor in question is on the port-top side and the piston connected to it was running fine with a PSI before engine failure; after rebuild compression has dropped to PSI. The other pistons are sitting at PSI, if not [higher]. We did a wet compression check on port top side and it went up to PSI.

Then went back down, so it is running lean. I would hate to have to take it off. I would like to go fishing. I have missed most of this season. If [the carburetor] is running lean like that, [I] am scared that [the motor] will only last one season, if that.

My husband doesn't think it is anything to worry about, but I'm thinking money in long run. It is no big deal to pull a carb. I doubt needle valve, more like adjustment or dirty. Richen it up some and let her rip. Throw some Techron in the tank on a heavy dose for a run as well.

Throw a little oil in the gas if still using VRO as insurance. I personally would go through that carb again but if Hubby wants a new engine Just throwing ideas out there. Just some cleaner in the fuel rarely fixes a very clogged carb. So, can you get the bowl off and get to all of the jets and passageways with a can of carb cleaner and some compressed air? If yes then maybe you can pull it off, just be aware that carb cleaner disolves oil so try not to get a bunch in the motor if you can avoid it.

That said, the best way to get good results is to remove the carb and clean it off the motor, plus you won't get carb cleaner in your motor this way.

Also some rubber parts on the carb won't like carb cleaner the rubber might swell so try to keep the cleaner off the rubber. With that cylinder dropping pressure, I am wondering if it isn't already damaged?I stopped by this last week to look and talk and they had an new mechanic that had moved here. He appears to be very good on outboards which was the reason they brought him in and was very familar with the OMC carbed engines of the 80 and mid 90s that I have.

He made an interesting comment that I would like some opinions on regarding the carbed V-6s OMCs or any other carb outboard of the era mentioned. His opinion was this. Those OMC carbed engines were great workhorses and mainly bulletproof except for this one issue.

Most of the time, a single piston siezed and ruined an engine long before compression figures on all cylinders came down to a non-usable state.

The main problem was always a lack of maintaince, especially after long term storage. The owner would start up the engine and wouldlock up a cylinder because a carb was clogged up jet I am assuming and run the corrsponding cylinder lean and poof, it was over. Does that sound right? I constantly see carb outboards for sale with a "bad cylinder" need of repair?

The Evinrude Intruder Specs

Do many of these good ole carb outboards meet their time prematurly because of this reason alone? If so, other than adding fuel stablizer and fogging cylinders, what else is good to do to prevent this after winter storage.

Drain the carbs completely? It seems an outboard carb owner is flying blind every spring starting up.

How would one tell on start up if a cylinder is lean or a jet clogged before the damage is done? Sterling Onlyawhaler. I agree completely with the wrench you talked with. The weak spot in all multicylinder, multicarbed 2 strokes is the user who is either not alert to signs of fueling trouble or continues to run an engine that is not performing properly. If one carb throat clogs on a V4 or V6 even inline triples and twins the engine will still "sound" okay to the untrained ear; if the user continues to run the engine that cylinder is history.

If enough cylinders fail to make power so that the boat wont plane or wont come off idle they take it to a shop. Often that is too late.

evinrude intruder 115 review

The carbed OMC V4s and V6s are excellent engines when maintained properly, and will last into the 3, hour range without major repairs. I think the same is true of all multicylinder, multicarb engines of any make. Red sky at night. With that kind of downtime sitting, what would you suggest above the fuel stablizer and fogging? Just run the engine dry? Thanks Sterling. I never ran my Johnson dry before putting it away for winter storage.

evinrude intruder 115 review

Just put fuel stabilizer in the fuel tank, ran it through the engine and then fogged the motor. At the end of every season, about 50 to 75 hours or so, I'd have the motor decarbed.

evinrude intruder 115 review

That's it. Never had a problem with the carburetors gumming up or leaning out and burning up a cylinder.Evinrude has designed a new tiller to steer the H. It also has internal hydraulic steering, standard for boats with wheel steering. The new H.

These engines have more torque than their 4-stroke contemporaries as well as better emissions and fuel efficiency, plus all the features of their larger G2 forebears.

Independent torque tests with load cells showed that Evinrude two-strokes have more pulling power than comparable horsepower 4-strokes.

The ignition key is at the base of the tiller arm. The Vexus AVX had a test weight of 2, lbs. With an empty weight of 1, lbs. The bass boat achieved WOT of 50 mph at rpm. Best economic cruise came in at rpm and 26 mph It was at that speed that the 3. The bow of the Vexus came up when the throttle was initially punched but quickly came level.

For acceleration, the Vexus AVX got on plane in an average time of 3. Above idle the engine exhausts at the propeller hub. Another feature of the outboard that revealed itself on our test: bass-boat designs place the driver quite close to the engine. At cruising speeds, we recorded decibel readings in the mid 80s which is generally the same or quieter than 4 and 6 cylinder engines, even though this is a 2-stroke engine. The Blazer Bay had a test weight of 2, lbs.

Next Up, was a Bay Boat. Best economic cruise came in at rpm and It was at that speed that the 4. Hull shots for the Blazer Bay proved consistent with our acceleration tests from the other boats — each was on plane in under 4 seconds. For accelerationthe Blazer Bay got on plane in an average time of 3. Our boat was the Zodiac Open 5. With an empty weight of 1, lb. The Zodiac Open 5. For acceleration, the Zodiac Open 5. The Alumacraft Competitor skiff had the new tiller extension, in place of the built-in hydraulic steering.

Evinrude has gone the extra mile to appeal to this market segment, and developed an innovative tiller control for this outboard. It was at that speed that the 2. For acceleration, the Alumacraft Competitor got on plane in an average time of 3. She went from zero to 30 mph in 6.We were given the chance to trial the new clean-burn two-stroke powerplant on a run out to Queensland's Jumpinpin Point behind the helm of a Quintrex Frontier. Evinrude has launched a new hp to hp mid-level engine range using clean-burn two-stroke technology and, in a trip back through time, a return to an odd cylinder count.

This new 1. Evinrude sticks with two-stroke technology, giving it a huge point of difference in a world where four-stroke outboard engines tend to dominate the market.

The big advantage of the two-stroke system is that the engines have fewer moving parts compared with their four-stroke counterparts, making them lighter and in need of less maintenance. Under certain operating conditions, a two-stroke engine can be more fuel-efficient than a four-stroke. The new-generation G2 engines also have a limp-home mode that kicks in if the unit overheats or malfunctions somehow.

The limp-home mode means that even if the engine is struck down with a problem, you will still be able to move — although at a reduced speed. Along with the new engine comes all-new propellers to push it through the water.

E-TEC 115-hp

While the RX4 is all about performance, the RX3 is a better all-rounder, especially in terms of fuel efficiency. After all, this new engine range is designed to stand out from the crowd — Evinrude wants it to look like no other outboard engine out there. Evinrude says the serviceable parts of the E-TEC G2 outboard engine range are located in easy-to-access areas, while the filler cap for the 7.

Of note, there is no way to visually check the volume of two-stroke oil in the reservoir, although you can access it via a digital gauge. You also get full digital engine instrumentation via either a rectangular and graphic Icon Touch 4. The engine includes 81 degrees of tilt so that you can lift it clear of the water, minus 6 to plus 15 degrees of trim, and steering angles of 38 degrees for the standard mm inch shaft engine and 40 degrees for the mm inch longshaft engine.

Evinrude sells its two-stroke technology on the savings that owners can make on maintenance. The standard service schedule means the engine is maintenance-free for the first five years or hours of ownership, and then every hours beyond that. That compares with annual or hour maintenance schedules for some four-stroke equivalents. Hole shot performance felt pretty good for this size of boat weighing in at around kg, with the engine easily pushing the centre console Quintrex up onto the plane and holding it there from a tick over rpm.

The most economical cruising speed is around rpm where the Evinrude E-TEC G2 HO will sit on around 20 knots-plus, but on a run out to Jumpinpin we pushed that up to rpm and almost 30 knots with three people on board.

Roll on more revs and the two-stroke specialist digs deep, with a strong, torque-laden response. Evinrude has worked on adding more sound suppression to this new generation E-TEC G2 range, and the result speaks for itself. Drone at lower speeds is much more supressed, and the traditional two-stroke shake at low speeds is all but gone in the new three-cylinder outboard engine.

Supplied by: Whitewater Marine. These Ads will be marked 'Sponsored'.

Evinrude 150 Intruder... thoughts?

Learn More Disclaimer In most cases, www. Editorial prices shown are a "price guide" only, based on information provided to us by the manufacturer. Pricing guide current at the time of writing editorial.

evinrude intruder 115 review

If the price does not contain the notation that it is "Drive Away No More to Pay", the price may not include additional costs, such as stamp duty and other government charges. Opinions expressed with www. Find a Dealer Become a Dealer. Welcome to Australia's No. All the engine and steering connections route to the engine using a single access portal.Discussion in ' Outboards ' started by bigdawgJul 30, Log in or Sign up. Boat Design Net. Australia where god kissed the earth.

Last edited: Aug 5, FrostyAug 2, Guys OMC recommended this to their factory trained technicians of which I guess you 2 are not. I think there was even a service bulletin telling you how to measure the amount. I would love to know why not and you better tell the guy is who currently the national service manager for BRP OZ he doesnt know what he is talking about as he taught the classes.

Powerabout adjusting the heads with gaskets to balance the compressions on a new engine is not meant to bring back compressions on an old engine. And niether is there such a thing as "mechanic in a bottle". FrostyAug 3, Well frosty and I agree again!!! Leave the carbs alone at present if its running and sort out the compressions They dont adjust the heads or gaskets on the production line but I guess you have never been seen an outboard producton line thats why many V4's had different comp on either bank especially on the higher compression engines like and 's.

The heads are sand cast and different parts left to right. You will probably fnd the engine had the same difference in comps from new as many did as I have checked many new engines of that era. It was common for 10 to 15psi difference between banks. Even funniert to see a shady tree mechanic rebore, new pistons an rings and get the same difference after the rebuild as before. It happened many times. The shady tree mechanic always trying to apply automotive knowledge to an outboard The 's were the worst as they had the highest comp ratio.

This caused rough idleing and one head to run cold so the fix was to measure to the deflector crown and then machine the difference off the head. It made them run much better thats why OMC recommeded it and would process a warantee claim for it.

You have noticed outboard manufacturers dont usually publish compression pressures It made a nice engine. There you go. Now do you want to know how to do a quick check of the rings in a cross flow? FrostyAug 4, You must log in or sign up to reply here. Show Ignored Content. Similar Threads. Mercury HowellDec 4,in forum: Outboards. Replies: 13 Views: 1,

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