Hi friends give me 10 sentences on this on my mother I need the best 10 sentences. Try your ideas. If you are possible then even add me in your id. My mother's name is your mummy's name.

She is kind and helpful. She is soft and cheers me up when I am sad. She helps me in my homework and in studies. Se scolds me sometimes, but I know that she does this for my good. She cares for me a lot. She gives me the best advice on what to do and when to. She does everything for me. She loves me more than how much I love myself. And therefore, I love my mother very much. She is the one who has the power to hold the heaven below her feet. When ALLAH has given the power why cant a child understand that and he treats her like a servant before others and particularly in front of his wife.

Looking after ones mother is a prayer. I love my mother a lot. My mother's name is whatever is your mummy's name. Though she scolds me sometimes, but I know she does this for my good. She listens to what I say and then responds to it. She loves me more then how much I love myself. She understands my feelings. I can do anything for her because I love my mother very much. Answer Save. Asmiya Farheen. Favourite answer.

Ruqaya Mahjabeen 4 years ago Report.My mother is the most important person in my life.

about my mother 10 sentences

I have been mentioning her in almost all of the essays I write. The problem is, I cannot really express how I feel about her in just words. My mother is not my whole life, but she is a really big part of it. My whole world does not only revolve around her, but she is the most influential person who inspires me. My mother is not just another woman. She is extraordinary. I have known her for sixteen years, three months, one day and nineteen hours. I know her very well, and I had learned to love her since the day we first met.

Relatives always tell me stories about my birth. They tell me how important I was to my mom. I was the foundation of her joy, strength, peace and love. She has never lied to me about my father. I do not remember asking about him. Ever since, I already knew he was in a better place. I do not remember my mom having a hard time explaining to me my situation - having no father.

She was always straightforward. She explained things very simply, like she knew everything. I thank her for being simple. I thank her for telling me the truth, so that I did not need to believe a lie that would have made things "easier" for me. When in fact, not knowing the truth would have made things complicated. She has taught me all I need to know to live life as a sixteen-year old teenage girl. She taught me how to feel.

Well, she did not only do that. She showed me how to handle these feelings of anger, fear, guilt, joy, sadness, excitement, hate and anxiety. She also showed me how to give and take. I learned from her that giving is a lot harder than taking, but the former is much more satisfying when it is done. She told me that giving makes one happy. I am sure she is right because half of her life, she has been giving me what I need, and in spite of all that years of giving, she is happy.My mother essay and speech children UKg students.

I love my mother. She is my very best friend. My mother takes my care all the time. She wakes up for me early in the morning.

She prepares our breakfast and fill my lunch box with tasty food. She makes everything ready for all family members in the morning before they wake up. My mothers takes a great care of my health and my food. She helps me in my all school homework tasks like a friend. During my free time at my home. I love to go to market with my mother. My mother takes care for all of our needs and wishes.

She is always ready to give great sacrifices for us. My mother is always worried about all the things about me. She never let me feel bored.

Though she works all the day in our house yet she never complains about it. She serves all the family members very well. The mother is really a great gift of God.

I always pray for the health and long life of my mother. My hero is my mom. I love my mother and my other hero is my dad. My parents are my great inspiration.You can also navigate to any part of the article you wish, by clicking on the table of contents below. There is also an addition of thoughts and viewpoints of few other authors in this post.

They are listed in the bottom part of the article. So these are some of the quick facts about mothers. Mama was my greatest teacher, a teacher of compassion, love and fearlessness.

If love is sweet as a flower, then my mother is that sweet flower of love. As mentioned in the initial part of this post, the entire post will be divided in a class-wise way. Essay standards from classes 1 to 10 are included in this post. My mother is the most important person in my life. She has a very hardworking nature. She is beautiful and kind. She rises before everyone and goes to bed after everyone does.

She works hard for my family and takes care of everyone. I like the delicious food she makes for us every day. She also helps me in doing homework. In the morning, after she cooks food, she also makes me ready for school. She is the one who taught me all the moral lessons and values. She also tells me stories at night and I like listening to new stories from her every day.

I share all my feelings and emotions with my mother. I hope my mother lives very long. Recommend you to add some more details for class 4 from the below section. My mother is the most significant and influential person in my life. She has always been a strong individual. I have got a very profound admiration or respect for her in my heart.

She is the perhaps the first riser in the morning. She wakes up before everybody does and does work for the entire family. She cooks food for us all and gets involved in household activities. She is also the one who goes to the bed late, after everyone.

She always prays for the family and tries her best possible attempt to make the family free from household and other additional troubles. Whenever we are called to attend social functions like marriages or birthday parties, she takes us there. Same is the case with shopping.

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She often gets the things which she assumes, I desire the most. She tries her best to keep me satisfied.

about my mother 10 sentences

I can never imagine a life without my mother. She is the pillar structure of our household life. Whenever I do not see her after I come back from school, I start feeling uneasy. She is a God figure for every child.Though we follow many relations throughout our life like mother, father, brother, sister, husband, wife, friends, relatives etc.

Let's read about this pious relation through the sets of 10 lines below. Mothers are equivalent to god. If father symbolizes strength, then a mother symbolizes love and care. Without her, no one can imagine a perfect and happy family. She fills a large gap in life and without her life seems meaningless.

We, as children, must respect her and obey her always, as she is the cause of our origin.

My Mother - 10 Lines Essay for students in English // Essay writing in Cursive

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about my mother 10 sentences

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Related articles 10 Lines on Battle of Khanwa 10 Lines. Also Read it 10 Lines on Wolf 10 Lines. All rights reserved.A symbol of love and care. No one can take the place of the mother. An innocent child smiling the moment he or she sees mother. Mother is like another God on earth.

God cannot take care of each one of us. So he gave us mothers. A mother is a bundle of joy and love. We fight with our mothers, shout at them, hurt them but a mother can never bear to see the eyes of her child moisten.

Mother is teacher, a guardian and friend for her child. Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

The most beautiful and loving flower is my mother. No one can really live without a mother for atleast 1 week.

If you all look at the orphanage or the child which have a step mother, they do not really have the love of the real mother from the step mother or the pupils in orphanage.

As I am a scout in India I can see it who all suffers it. Posted by. My Mother- For years. Share this Article.

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I love Mother a lot……………….My mother is the most important person in my life. Not only did she carry me for nine months but she continues to support and love me regardless of what I have put her through to bring me up. So far my mother has the greatest impact in my life. Many people have come and passed but she keeps by my side helping and advising me on all the important values of a good life.

As I watch her struggle to bring all my three siblings and me up I can only hope to be such a strong and hardworking person myself. She diligently takes care of our family while still running her business. She has shown us that with hard work and determination anything is possible. My mother runs several successful businesses and is able to juggle between her business and taking care of us.

This is something I can only hope to have. My mother and I are close and I normally go to her for advice. She has taught me a lot and has helped me become a better person in life. She is intelligent and knows the solution to almost any problems I seek advice for. I have seen her struggle day to day to ensure we are all ok while still managing to run her demanding businesses. I remember a time when some burglars broke into one of her business and made away with almost everything.

My mother is spiritual and gives us advice on the values of life and how we should treat others. My mother is always there for me and always pushes me to go after my dreams. My mother has taught me so much and will always be grateful.

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